TimPharma Innovation


Fluorescent Probes for Common Affinity Tags.

We have developed a series of fluorescent probes that bind with nanomolar affinity to polyhistidine and other tags.  These probes are much more stable than published peptide probes, and vastly more specific than other histidine tagged probes made by other manufacturers.   

Engineered enzymes for labeling of antibodies.

We are currently developing new designer enzymes for the site-specific modification of antibodies in order to provide the option of 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 drug attachments without the expensive requirement to deglycosylate.

A platform for single domain Adaptobody generation

We have developed a new antibody scaffold that incorporates a genetically encoded adapter that can be matched to a portfolio of interchangeable parts, including immunotoxins, fluorescent molecules, peroxidases, cytotoxic compounds, or serum proteins using our ultra high affinity partner adapters.  This means you can use a single antibody scaffold to test different therapeutic paradigms, or develop diagnostics without the need to reclone, expression test, and purify a number of variants.